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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Hill: ‘Unshackled’ Trump Campaign Targeting 'Evil Empire' Political Class Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton Represent

Jonathan Swan at The Hillwrites that Donald Trump’s campaign views Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan as part of the ‘evil empire’ permanent political class that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton also embodies.

From The Hill:

Trump on Tuesday unleashed a series of tweets directing scorn at the Speaker, who on Monday said he would no longer defend Trump and would instead focus on electing Republicans to the House.

Bannon views Ryan as a leader of an elite globalist cabal determined to sell out America by opening its borders on immigration and trade.

“Many high-level donors and party activists that were not necessarily early Trump supporters are very disappointed in Speaker Ryan,” the conservative figure said, “for not fully supporting the party’s candidate at this most critical time in our country.”


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