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Thursday, October 13, 2016

JUST IN: Clinton answers written questions under penalty of perjury in email lawsuit

Hillary Clinton submitted formal answers under penalty of perjury on Thursday about her use of a private email server, saying 20 times that she did not recall the requested information or related discussions, while also asserting that no one ever warned her that the practice could run afoul of laws on preserving federal records.

"Secretary Clinton states that she does not recall being advised, cautioned, or warned, she does not recall that it was ever suggested to her, and she does not recall participating in any communication, conversation, or meeting in which it was discussed that her use of a e-mail account to conduct official State Department business conflicted with or violated federal recordkeeping laws," lawyers for Clinton wrote.

Clinton signed the legal filing Monday "under penalty of perjury." The submission was ordered by a federal judge in connection with a Freedom of Information Action lawsuit filed by the conservative group Judicial Watch.

Lawyers for the group asked for a live deposition where they could question Clinton in person, but U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan instead ordered Clinton to answer written questions.



Anonymous said...

Again - nothing will be done!

Concerned Retiree said...

How many of these "Do Not Recall" answers have been answered in other situations of her being questioned?

Anonymous said...

7"47, I can't remember!

Anonymous said...

If Hillary can't recall anything, how are we suppose to believe she will be able to recall what to do and what not to do IF she pays enough money to get elected?????

Anonymous said...

American so called dems better wake up.

Anonymous said...

"I don't recall" is 2016 for "Go take a leap at a rolling donut."

lmclain said...


If you or I were find to be in violation of the proper handling of classified info, aand were found to have allowed that info to be disseminated through multiple email chains, believe this --- we wouldn't be "answering" for it in some "written questionaiare", we'd be IN PRISON.
SHE runs for president.
You can't stop cheering.
It's truly unbelievable.