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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Jordanian pilot 'deliberately' crashes plane in Connecticut

A flying instructor desperately fought for the controls of a plane moments before his student pilot 'deliberately crashed into a Connecticut street', sources say.

Trainee pilot Feras M. Freitekh and his instructor Arian Prevalla had been arguing during the flight on Tuesday afternoon after the student said he no longer wanted to fly the plane, a source told the Hartford Courant.

Prevella had desperately tried to regain control of the Piper PA 34A - which has two sets of controls - when Freitekh suddenly began flying erratically. But the experienced pilot was not able to stop their descent and the plane crashed on Tuesday.

Jordanian national Freitekh, 28, was killed in the crash while Prevalla was rushed to hospital with serious burns. Two people in a minivan close to the landing site were also hospitalized.



Anonymous said...

No coverage on msm about this just Trump videos.

Anonymous said...

The current turd in the white house wants to allow more of these people that want to kill us in to our country.

This terrorists roommates were interviewed and released - showing the bending of law enforcement to the turds desires...if Reagan had been in charge, they would have been deported...if Bush was in charge, they would have simply disappeared forever!

Every time we turn around, we see more and more reasons to elect Trump - and save our country!

Anonymous said...

Another Terrorist attack.

Anonymous said...

Incorrect. It was on CBS this morning.

Brian Dayton said...

At least he is dead now, 4:53. The sooner we can get all these people to allah, the better.