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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Politico Busted With A Rigged Poll Against Trump

Mainstream media skewing polls for Hillary Clinton

Politico has joined notoriously biased CNN in rigging a poll to claim Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump in the second presidential debate.

According to a recent survey conducted by Politico/Morning Consult, which sampled 2001 registered voters, 42% thought Hillary Clinton was the winner of the debate, compared to 28% who thought Donald Trump won.

While the large sample size may make the poll seem scientifically accurate to some, the methodology tells a different story.



Anonymous said...

We already knew they were on the DNC payroll.

Anonymous said...

I wish Hillary would close that big a-- mouth.

Anonymous said...

Msm plan is to make up polls showing Trump losing.

Anonymous said...

They are rigging the polls so that it won't be as obvious when they rig the election machines.

lmclain said...

They are doing everything they can to prove how popular she is, when in reality, she draws 300 people who look like they just took some Valium. Trumps draws 30,000 and another 5000 are waiting to get in.
Everyone I talk to is voting for Trump.
But the hillary loving media spends all their energy trying to tell us she is winning everywhere. Mostly in her mind.
Keep cheering.

Steve said...

4:32 nails it. I hate to say it, but faking polls has to be uncovered so that they CAN"T rig the voting machines. A real grassroots poll conducted by honest people of more than 20,000 respondents randomly picked from apolitical lists like Wal Mart shoppers and such needs to be done to thwart the old timers at the spin game.

Anonymous said...

There are two possibilities here, the first, and most likely is that they have already rigged the election and that they need the polls to come in at least close to the rigged results they plan to show in November.
The second possibility is that they have not found a way to rig the election and they just want to create a false sense of national outrage against Donald Trump. If this is the case I can not wait because these liberal morons will assume that they have the thing won and stay home on their @$$es like they usually do and Trump supporters will turn out at near 100%.