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Monday, October 10, 2016

Fruitland Police Department: Phone Not Functioning Correctly

Be advised, the phone number for the Fruitland Police Department (410) 548-2803 is not functioning correctly. If you need to contact the Fruitland Police Department, please call (410) 548-2804 or dial 911. We will advise when the line is functioning correctly again.


Anonymous said...

Must be mike is at happy hour.

Zorro said...

Gee Wiz, pay your bills guys.....holy moly.

Anonymous said...

As much time as they spend on speed traps you would think they could afford their phone bill.

Anonymous said...

Imagine that... something to do with the Fruitland Police Dept. not functioning properly!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. None of you have ever experienced any technical problems with your electronics?

The next time your computer freezes, blame yourself.