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Monday, October 10, 2016

Edward Klein: Media Let Hillary Off Hook, But Not Donald

Suddenly everybody in America has turned into Captain Renault, the Claude Raines character in Casablanca — they’re “shocked, shocked” to find out that Donald Trump spoke in crude sexual terms about women.

The incident was recorded eleven years ago at the NBC Studios in Burbank, California.

The Donald — who has an unfortunate proclivity for boasting about his sexual prowess — was talking off the record and not for attribution to a wise guy named Billy Bush, who worked for a tabloid TV show called Access Hollywood.

We are supposed to believe that the Clinton campaign lucked out when this ancient tape, which was gathering dust in the NBC vault, was mysteriously found by some anonymous producer and leaked to the Washington Post on the eve of Sunday’s town hall presidential debate.

Trump has apologized for his crude remarks — and he should have.

But I have two questions for the mainstream media and the holier-than-thou politicians:

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Concerned Retiree said...

I wonder why they came after Trump from jump street and pounded him hard but let Hillary off the hook. They never pushed Hillary on her problems or lies. They never asked her or pressed her on her emails. They never pressed her on her treatment of women, especially her defense of the rapist or condemnation of Bill's affairs. They never Called her out on her lie about not being Secretary of State when the "red line" was set and then ignored. They never questioned her on working with the other side and being civil when her campaign is consistently negative and hateful. They never questioned her on her word change on her e-mails. Trump proved he has broad shoulders, deals with pressure and takes responsibility. Hillary proved she is a puppet and fraud.