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Monday, October 10, 2016

Martha Raddatz Receives Huge Backlash For Biased Debate Moderation

ABC News moderator Martha Raddatz is taking heat for the way she handled the presidential debate, being accused of showing bias and favoritism towards the pro-Hillary Clinton crowd.

Raddatz had multiple spars with Republican nominee Donald Trump throughout the night: she cut him off in the beginning while he was answering a question about the recently leaked 2005 tape and, at one point, actually debated with him over military strategy.

Many who were watching weighed in, noting the debate was not a fair fight.

Never will I cheer for Trump, but he must be allowed to finish his answers just as my candidate is. Shame on Martha Raddatz!!
Trump is defeating Hillary easily tonight.

Trump vs. Raddatz is a draw thus far. 
Perhaps the most memorable moment occurred about halfway through the debate when Raddatz questioned Trump repeatedly on military strategy in Syria.



Anonymous said...

The Commies are Running Scared!!! good!!! They need to go back in the closet where they belong

Anonymous said...

If Hillary doesn't win, Raddatz will be looking for work.