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Monday, October 10, 2016

Mylan to Settle EpiPen Overpricing Case for $465 Million

Mylan, the maker of the allergy treatment EpiPen, said Friday that it had reached a $465 million settlement with the Justice Department and other government agencies over questions on whether the company had overcharged Medicaid for the treatment by improperly classifying it as a generic drug.

The federal government said this week that Mylan had been told multiple times that it was wrongly classifying the EpiPen, which led the Medicaid and Medicare programs to overpay for the product. Although it has not been disclosed how much it had overpaid, officials said spending on the EpiPen totaled nearly $1.3 billion from 2011 to 2015.

Mylan has been under intense scrutiny since the summer for raising the price of EpiPen to more than $600 for a pack of two from about $100 since it bought the product in 2007.



Anonymous said...

I remember ordering hundreds of epi-pens every year for my units while I was in the military in the 1980's. They cost the government about $2.50 each.

Anonymous said...

So who gets the funds. Do the victims of this fraud get anything ??

Anonymous said...

The drug to reverse overdose is free and epi-pens are a fortune. This world is upside down.

Anonymous said...

Big Pharma owns the politicians...That's why they can advertise cancer causing drugs on TV.