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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WSJ columnist: 'Perpetually angry' Clinton only knows how to 'yell'

Kimberley Strassel, conservative columnist for the Wall Street Journal, has written an op-ed advising Donald Trump on how to beat his opponent Hillary Clinton at the first presidential debate.

One of her tips is to take advantage of what she says is Clinton's harsh demeanor.

"By being positive, Mr. Trump would draw a stark contrast," wrote Strassel in a column published Thursday night. "Mrs. Clinton these days looks perpetually angry and seems to have only one volume setting: yell."



Anonymous said...

As a Trump supporter I was thoroughly disappointed last night. He commented on how great his temperament was and then proceeded to yell "NO" and "Not true" in the middle of her statements. While they were wrong and untrue, he needs to keep his composure. It makes him look weak. She killed him last night because he failed to give us facts, backtracked and dodged questions. Mr. Trump I hope you bring us your A game next time.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Trump needs to show a more presidential demeanor if he's to sway the undecideds his way. He needs to listen to advisers and stay focused on the questions. And there's nothing wrong with him pointing out the failures of the the past several years, including Hillary's as Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

He improved dramatically when he started using the teleprompters.Sadly there are none in a debate to keep him on track.

Anonymous said...

And you all are trump supporters??? You really have been listening to the msm too much. would you prefer jeb bush or how about Mitt Romney

Anonymous said...

Hillary should have been a man