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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Drug Trafficking And The Clinton Crime Family

After the Iran-Contra hearings detailed Oliver North’s diversion of funds to the Contras and all of the failed indictments to bring anyone to justice, President Bill Clinton denied any involvement in the clandestine Mena Operations.

It was Bill Clinton’s time as Arkansas’ Governor that oversaw the blocking of any funding or cooperation in an investigation into one of the largest drug, gun running and money laundering schemes America has ever witnessed.

To this day the banks continue to launder the billion dollar drug cartel industry’s money.

And when they are caught, they pay a fine and no one goes to prison.

Corruption that has been normalized.



Anonymous said...

I forgot about this!

Anonymous said...

And Hillary was hip deep in the whole thing with her friends at the Rose law firm.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she id doing what she is selling!