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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hillary Emailgate: How One Twitter User Proved The "Intent" That The FBI Missed After Months "Investigating"

Earlier this week, a twitter user named "Katica" seemingly proved the "intent" of the Hillary campaign to destroy and/or tamper with federal records by revealing the Reddit thread of Paul Combetta (aka the "Oh Shit" guy; aka "stonetear"). But what's most crazy about this story is that "Katica" was able to discover the greatest "bombshell" of the entire Hillary email scandal with just a couple of internet searches while the FBI, with unlimited access to government records, spent months "investigating" this case and missed it all. The only question now is whether the FBI "missed" this evidence because of gross incompetence or because of other motivating factors?

Now, courtesy of an opinion piece posted on The Daily Caller, we know exactly how "Katica" pieced her "bombshell" discovery together...the folks at the FBI may want to take some notes.

Per the twitter discussion below with @RepStevenSmith, "Katica" discovered Combetta's Reddit thread on September 16th. But while she suspected that Paul Combetta and the Reddit user known as "stonetear" were, in fact, the same person, she had to prove it...



Gerald said...

Poor girl has now got less than 72 hours to live.

lmclain said...

She'll be killed in a home invasion where nothing was taken (except her computer, maybe).
Everyone can see the FBI is PROTECTING her.
She could be on film in the White House, stealing artifacts and historical items while carrying an Uzi and smoking a joint.
NOTHING would be done.
The FBI now has the reputation of an ex-felon with something to hide.
No integrity, no character.
Comey must have been paid MILLIONS. Or was threatened with the NSA files on him. How much is a lifetime of integrity worth?
Just make sure you follow the law.
The FBI WILL put you and me in prison and ruin our lives. The only two things that would save you is being a murderous coke dealer with prior convictions, or a multimillion dollar contribution to the Clinton Foundation.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

FBI didn't want to solve the crime, they already knew all this and figured no one else would figure it out.

Anonymous said...

The fix was in from the beginning. Comey was appointed with past connections to the Clintons. Our government is corrupt and without real change in this election, things will only get worse. They're covering up for Obama also. He knew all this was going on too.