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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Chicago's Plight: Why Do Blacks Perpetually Vote For Politicians Who Make Their Lives Worse?

Chicago suffered through its worst summer of violence in decades. In August, over 400 people were shot and 80 killed.

Activists and public unions blame income inequality. Income inequality is rising, but very few understand who is to blame. And the tax hikes and pay hikes that unions seek exacerbate the problems and cause white flight.

Many claim education is the answer, but the Chicago public school system is not only financially bankrupt, it is morally bankrupt.

Bloody Chicago Summer

In Chicago, activists confront longstanding issues of inequality and poverty following a long Bloody Summer.

There has been little peace this summer in Chicago — where President Barack Obama began his political career. Last month alone more than 400 people were shot and nearly 80 killed, the most violent month in two decades in the city’s metropolitan area, according to the Chicago Police Department. This violence occurred exactly 50 years after Dr Martin Luther King Jr marched through the city’s south side demanding civil rights for African Americans.

Community leaders cite a vicious circle of poverty when discussing violence in the poorest African American and Hispanic neighborhoods. It is driven by inequality, poor access to good schools and food and has led to an evaporation of hope that they say perpetuates this crisis. This is particularly pertinent in Chicago, which remains one of America’s most racially segregated cities.

Research from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Great Cities Institute published this year showed that 40 per cent of African Americans aged between 20 and 24 were either out of work or out of school, compared with 18 per cent for the Latino population and 6.3 per cent for whites in 2014. The rate was higher in Chicago then elsewhere in the US, where the average for blacks was 28 per cent.



Anonymous said...

They do it because they've locked out everyone else but Democrats in the wards, where familiar faces (and familiar lies) rule.

Anonymous said...

Because they lie and they like liars. The democrats tell them what they want to hear instead of telling them the truth. They want to hear everything is the whites fault and racism is rampant and a bunch of other BS. Anything other then take responsibility for yourself. Just look how much the idolize and love Obama. This alone shows major character flaws within the race. It's shows the rampant dishonesty within the race. It's like BLM. If that's the biggest crock of crap they ever dreamed up. They don't any value on life who do they think they are fooling. They just want an excuse to keep showing off and committing crimes. When they are killing each other 1000+ a year you look like an ass saying BLM.

Anonymous said...

You must be the GOP minority outreach chairman

Anonymous said...

Because they need someone to blame for their blighted condition. Without the Democratic Party, they would have to get jobs and earn their keep.

Anonymous said...

Obama's approval ratings among African Americans remains above 80%. That shows the moral decline within that race is epidemic. It also transcends all age groups which proves the decline is generational. When you approve of someone who is a pathological liar, who has never accomplished anything positive their life, has made such a huge mess of things including other countries like Libya, that only proves you yourself are lacking in the most basic of civilized qualities. The chickens are home to roost. This decline is the root of all the black on black crime and all the other social ills. It's not like it's rocket science.

Anonymous said...

And you must be the president of the NAACP

Anonymous said...

The same reason they are killing one another at a record rate and refuse to address it. They blame the "Man" lol What a crazy world we live in. Martin Luther is watching and crying.

Anonymous said...

Because STUPID cannot be fixed!

Anonymous said...

That's a rhetorical question, right? Because they are as stupid as the Democrat Party thinks they are.