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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Salisbury To Create Law To Eliminate Toy & BB Guns

You heard me right, much like the Presidential Debate last night where Hillary Clinton clearly pushed for more laws to tell Americans what they can or can't do and or how our children must be raised, Salisbury wants to eliminate toy guns. Next they'll be trying to close the Red Light District Toys too. Oh, wait, they already did that too, didn't they. 

I don't care if the gun is fake or real. If an adult pulls out either one, SHOOT THEM! They know exactly what's coming and guess what Chief Duncan, they can't shoot first, (or back) if the gun is fake. 


Anonymous said...

Trying to slip in the back door with gun control , it for the children.
Have you noticed most of Hillary's TV stuff is about children appealing to the idiots that want socialism .

Anonymous said...

Trying to prevent a child from getting shot is more like it. Every kid wanted a realistic looking gun like on tv when I was a kid. I understand where they're coming from. If you want to let your stupid kid run around with a realistic gun then go for it

Anonymous said...

@8:18 you are partially correct!! It IS all about what the kids see on TV and what they are trying to immulate. Thug gansta rap get dat money wanna be

Shawn Widdowson said...

If you teach morals to kids instead of estimating things they might not only have respect for the power, cause and effect, and principles behind a firearm AND they would probably treat the world with the decency and respect that should and could amplify the beginning of change. If we all continue down this path we will be the land of the condemned and the home of weak minded!

Anonymous said...


Exactly. It my choice. Not yours. Not theirs.

Anonymous said...

Like kids getting shot because they are playing with a toy gun is a problem. Hey blacks how about focusing on the real and the only problem. Welfare baby machines some criminals themselves having babies with thugs and criminals. It's all about the family something blacks either haven't figured out or have sunk so low into the gutter of putrid that they won't be honest.

Anonymous said...

Are they banning books to? you know the ones that look like guns and get you killed?

Anonymous said...

Funny how for decades this was never a problem, and now... whamm, let dictate what people can own, play with, possess.

Maybe cops need to stop over-reacting.

Anyone that kills a child and then cries they felt threatened shouldn't be a cop.

Anonymous said...

As a kid, I used to have a whole collection of cap guns. Used to play the politically incorrect game called cowboys and Indians! Shot BB guns with parental supervision in the backyard. Was never an issue with the neighbors or society. In High school during deer hunting season, guys used to bring shotguns mounted on gun racks in their pickup trucks to school. Never an issue and never questioned. This was back in 1979. Things have really gotten out of control with this government and common sense!!!
Also in high school, young men had to take hunter safety courses and the proper use of a hunting rifle. Won't see that now!!!
We are definitely overdue for a new revolution!

Anonymous said...

Think about this the majority of law enforcement are prior or active duty reserves. There is obviously some sort of psychiatric screening that needs to be done. Too many she'll shocked law enforcement officers walking around with hair triggers

lmclain said...

The overwhelming fear that police carry with them all the time is the problem, not some kid with a fake gun.
11:41 nailed it.
Stop thinking that shooting someone is the goal, the first thing to do, and is the best way to deal with your fear.
NO ONE (except the police) gets op KILL someone because they are afraid. How does one who is wearing a bulletproof vest become so afraid of a CHILD that they dont' even stop to identify the weapon that supposedly scare them so much?
A BB gun doesn't look like an AR-15 and a squirt gun doesn't look like a .45.
Unless you are afraid, then they all look like a .50 cal belt fed machine gun.
Keep cheering.