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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


It was Salisbury News that was the first to deliver you this case in which SU Students challenged the Salisbury Police Department had gone overboard with these arrests. Video 1, Video 2.

While we at Salisbury News were publically criticized for publishing this very detailed story that included original video footage, I can tell you this. Settling ANY case with the State of Maryland Government Insurance Trust is extremely rare. The State Insurance Trust employs full time, qualified, experienced attorneys who are very skilled and at defeating cases that are without merit.

The individual Police Officer involved resigned from the Salisbury Police Department. The Mayor, (Jim Ireton) who unconditionally supported the Officer has returned to teaching elementary school. The SU students have since graduated and have started careers in their various fields. Mr. Luke Rommel, who represented the SU students in their criminal jury trials and this federal civil case, was reached for comment and “wishes them both the best in their future endeavors.”


Anonymous said...

I just can't believe that Ireton is allowed to teach elementary school kids

Anonymous said...

He is a great doctrinaire.

Anonymous said...

The students should be paid a lot of money.
The cop was a complete idiot.
Thankfully, he resigned.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know what the out of court settlement was!

Anonymous said...

He should try it in syria.

Anonymous said...

This cop was wrong on more than one occasion. He was a bully, the very kind of person who should never be a police officer.

Alicia said...

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