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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Worcester Drug Court backs ‘Adopt Your Street’ program

Rehab participants to pick up trash off St. Louis Ave. 
for Md. Coastal Bays effort

With few residents and businesses stepping forward to volunteer for the “Adopt Your Street” neighborhood cleaning initiative, Worcester County’s Drug Treatment Court has laid claim to St. Louis Avenue as part of its rehabilitation program.

“We’ve done clean-up programs for community service with the drug court a couple times in the past,” said Sandi Smith, the marketing and development coordinator of Maryland Coastal Bays Program, which organized the arrangement.

This guarantees four other cleanups at St. Louis Avenue, she said.

On the heels of the Ocean City Surf Club’s successful Adopt Your Beach program, Coastal Bays decided to resuscitate its litter collection initiative. But while Adopt Your Beach appealed to vacationers for a short-term commitment down by the water, Adopt Your Street has been struggling to draw participants.


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