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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Charlotte Is a Democrat Problem, Not America's Problem

According to the most recent North Carolina data I could find, the poverty rate in Watauga County is 31.3%. In Mecklenburg County, the poverty rate is 15.4%. These numbers are two years-old, but however they might have changed, I think it is safe to say they haven't changed all that much.

Charlotte is in Mecklenburg Country and, thanks to two nights of race riots, currently smoldering.

Boone, where I live, is in Watauga County, and life here is peaceful and idyllic.

In other words, the poverty rate where I live in North Carolina is twice that of Charlotte, and we don’t riot.

Poverty obviously doesn't cause rioting, so what does?

Liars on the Left and in their corrupt mainstream media might tell you that riots are caused by racist cops gunning down innocent black men.


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