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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday Morning Cooking Lesson

This morning I had the privilege of learning how to make my favorite cookies. There are two kinds I truly enjoy. One is Ritz Crackers with peanut butter in between, smothered in chocolate. The other is Oreo cookies smothered in white chocolate. NO, you can't have any, they are MINE! This was a very cool experience and now that I know how to make them they will become a Holiday treat, thanks to Mrs. Bunting. 


Anonymous said...

This site will make keeping my girlish figure difficult.

Anonymous said...

Try my Grandmothers Peanut Butter fudge. All you need is a box (1 pound) of powder sugar, a small can of milk and peanut butter. No cooking to do at all. Put powder sugar in a bowl add enough (about 1/3 of the)can milk and about 3 or 4 big table spoons of peanut butter. Mix all together. When all sticks together press on a dinner plate. Chill for about half an hour. Then cut into squares and enjoy. (map)