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Friday, September 16, 2016

VFW raising funds with beer table at BikeFest festivities

The campaign to save Ocean City’s Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8296 from the wrecking ball is gaining momentum.

Post Commander Bob Shiffner said this week the organization hopes to raise additional capital with a table inside the Roland E. Powell Convention Center during the BikeFest event, which began on Thursday and continues until Sunday.

“Come support the VFW at the Ocean City convention center on 40th Street, where we will be selling beer to save the post,” he said.

The VFW will be vending brews from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., except on Sunday when the hours are limited to noon to 5 p.m.

Shiffner has been enthused by the response the post has received since initiating the campaign in early August.


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Anonymous said...

I do not own a bike, never ridden one and I find them obnoxiously loud.
That being said, has Ocean City lost its freaking mind not spending money on holding this event! If you are unaware OC has previously pitched in 25k to the festivities, which this year was reduced to 10k with the promise it will be the last year for any money. Normally I don't approve of cities spending money on events like this but OC is different because they have a 1% city tax. Do the math. 12,000 bikers last year and if they each spent $208.33 the city has made its money back? How are you going to chase away good money from a group that doesn't cause any major problems when they come to town, but promote senior weekers who will drink carry out beer in their overcrowded hotel room before going out to the boardwalk to look for fights. I can stay in a beautiful all inclusive Mexican resort in the Rivera Maya for less than a week in trashy dirty Ocean City with its bland Sysco garbage food. That towns days are numbered.