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Friday, September 16, 2016

City School Students to Get Vaccinated or Stay Home

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– Thousands of Baltimore City students will soon be barred from the classroom, because they haven’t received required vaccines that protect against things like measles, chickenpox, hepatitis, and meningitis.

The bell has rung for parents procrastinating that back-to-school doctor’s visit for vaccines.

“You have to remind yourself like, ‘okay, this is important. We need to make the time.’ it’s really just making the time,” said one mom.

By Maryland law, kids must be up to date on shots by the 20th day of school or they’ll stay home. In Anne Arundel county, 84 students still aren’t vaccinated and are barred from school. In Baltimore County, 345 kids have been out since Tuesday and in Baltimore City, about 3800 students don’t meet requirements.



Anonymous said...

48 states allow a religious exemption to vaccination; and 18 states allow a personal, philosophical or conscientious belief exemption to vaccination.

If you order Chinese food and request no MSG or if you prefer your children not be injected with mercury or formaldeyde, you may want to reconsider the requirements laid out by Public School officials by the Public Health Depts.

Mercury and formaldeyde are the more mild ingredients that I will mention. The other ingredients when researched by concerned parents, are so appalling that readers may not take what I've said serious enough to research it on their own.

Anonymous said...


People must educate yourselves. Vaccine injuries are rampant and significant. The data is out there.

Watch movie: VAXXED

Anonymous said...

You will look brilliant when your kid gets polio.