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Friday, September 16, 2016

Trump in a Landslide

We live in a world of vast and sometimes instantaneous changes. I know well that unpredictable, great events could stop Trump from becoming U.S. President in this Great Global Crisis we face. The danger of assassination by “accident” alone is a major risk he faces.

But the probability that Trump and Pence will win by a landslide and bring in veto-proof Republican majorities in the Senate and House is now quite high and overshadows other possible outcomes.

There are many major factors that support this conclusion.

1. Hillary faces immense problems now just trying to survive a series of fierce debates, speeches, etc.

2. There are many major legal and immense corruption challenges she and all her close associates face in these two months before the election.

Assange will hit her with horrific e-mails. Judicial Watch will do the same. Major Congressional exposes will hit her and the FBI. et al.



Anonymous said...

I believe the new Hillary will be a much better speaker and debater than the original Hillary.

She is less heavy, probably very healthy, and full of energy.

I am pulling for Trump. But I don't expect it to be easy.

Anonymous said...

"probably very healthy" - Sure she is! She will be healthy enough, but "very" is reaching. I do agree it will not be easy!

Anonymous said...

She may appear to be very healthy but remember that she conveniently forgets things when it suits her purpose.

Anonymous said...

He was talking about the new Hillary.
She probably is very healthy.

Hard to imagine they would go to the trouble of creating a double without making sure she is in good health.

Anonymous said...

Health issues are all over with now.
No more coverage of it.
She recovered. Or, at least, her substitute recovered.

Anonymous said...

1203 is talking about the body double