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Friday, September 16, 2016



Hillary Clinton returned to the campaign trail Thursday and bizarrely attempted to use her sickness to suggest that she is some kind of working class champion of the people.

Hillary made out that being laid up at home, presumably in one of her many mansions surrounded by helpers and staff, allowed her to reconnect with hard working Americans.

Clinton declared that being off of the trail allowed her to gather her thoughts and “reconnect with what this whole campaign is about.”



Anonymous said...

I'm just glad she is on the mend.
I notice she also had a mole removed from her right side upper lip.

This demonstrates she is a multi-tasker!
Recovered from Pneumonia and had minor cosmetic surgery in 2 days.
Plus, she appears to have lost 20 pounds or so.

All I know, is she looks better than ever.

Anonymous said...

Lots of hard working americans do not get sick pay. Not sure how her situation compares.

I have to make my own soup when I am home sick. I do not have staff I can call to bring me a ginger ale either.

And like many others I get to go in sick and make my co-workers sick because my greedy employer doesn't pay sick time.

I wonder how that compares to her situation.

Anonymous said...

Just spit my coffee all over my computer. Hillary is completely nuts.

Anonymous said...

She is the worst. Her whole campaign is about continuing the lefts assault on the American people and our hard earned money. Make her go away.

Anonymous said...

Are we talking about Hillary or Hillary2?
Which Hillary are we discussing?

does anyone know if the original Hillary is alive?

Anonymous said...

She reminds me the the late Leona Helmsley. Only the "little people" pay taxes!! Or the last presidential campaign where Mitt Romney's wife stated she was almost poor once, soon after she got married to Mitt and had a little idea of what it was like!!!!
Totally clueless!!! Arrogant snobs!!! Remember the French revolution when Marie Antoinette stated, if they want Cake, let them eat cake!!! She was referring to the french term for dirt or clay!!!! We all know what happened to her!!! Welcome to the revolution!!!!!
You can only oppress the working class for so long and then there will be a push back!

Anonymous said...

Sitting at home & not working should sure help her reconnect with constituents. That's what they're doing right now.

Anonymous said...

Only when she dies will she join the common folk. It's the great equalizer.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear she's now ...'ain't noways tired.'

Anonymous said...

When I'm sick, I always recover in the 3 million dollar home that we bought with cash when we were dirt poor and my husband was out of work.