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Friday, September 16, 2016

Cops And Courts – September 16, 2016

Concealed Weapons Arrest On Boardwalk

OCEAN CITY — A Delaware man was arrested on multiple concealed deadly weapons charges this week after resort police found him in possession of a hatchet and several knives on the Boardwalk.

Around 1:45 p.m. on Monday, an OCPD officer responded to the area of Somerset Street and the Boardwalk for a reported of two men sitting on a bench rolling what appeared to be cigarettes although the complainant was not sure if what the men were rolling was marijuana. The officer responded and found the two men panhandling on the Boardwalk, according to police reports.

The officer questioned one of the suspects, later identified as John Bryant, 31, of New Castle, Del., who informed police he may have an active warrant through Delaware. While speaking with Bryant, the officer noticed a knife clipped to the left side of his pants. The officer asked Bryant if he was in possession of any other weapons and Bryant reportedly told police he had a hatchet and a fixed-blade knife in his book bag.

The officer located the hatchet, which was concealed with a sheath that hid the blade. The hatchet also had an orange rope around the handle to improve the grip. The officer acknowledged it would be unreasonable for anyone to be in a crowded area such as the Boardwalk with multiple concealed deadly weapons on their person and offered Bryant an opportunity to explain why he was carrying the hatchet and knife.

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Anonymous said...

Family friendly Town huh !!!!

Anonymous said...

The poor guy probably just wanted to chop a cherry tree down.

Forget the rolling. Go after the puffers who pollute the lungs of others with their tobacco. Their favorite spot is next to the Police Station on the boardwalk Are the cops there both blind and stupid?

Anonymous said...

A bookbag. Known when it's not filled with books as a backpack, often used to transport stuff from place A to place B.

Anonymous said...

"The officer located the hatchet, which was concealed with a sheath that hid the blade."
This comment sums up what I hate about law enforcement. They lie to maximize charges. Every hatchet you buy comes with a sheath, the purpose being to transport it safely not to conceal the blade. To state that the purpose of a sheath is to hide a hatchet blade is a straight up lie. That would mean that the shelves of all camping equipment stores are stocked with concealed deadly weapons cleverly disguised as a leather wedge on a stick. They spin everything to make it seem that they are so nessasary for your protection, until you get wrapped up in one of their arrest schemes and before you know it your trip to the grocery store for baking soda and a bottle of vinegar is written up in the paper as a "terrorist mission to get materials for a volcano bomb". Yet they work for the government that has a felon running for President. If you're on this guy's jury, and at some point in your lifetime may have put a hatchet or knife into a backpack with no malicious intent, it is your responsibility to let him off. I've never been called for jury duty but the day I do EVERYBODY WALKS!!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell? The initial r response is bull! Yet alone an arrest for a hatchet! It's none of the cops business if anyone carries a hatchet or a flipping axe! This is the over reach,the loss of liberties an rights you all better quit cheering for!

Zorro said...

Typical Season Officer at O.C. overzealous + over react ....but the legal fees incurred, bring more money into O.C.

Anonymous said...

Yet the cop caries a gun, tazer,and mace.

Anonymous said...

Have a lawyer friend who loves to get cops on the stand. "They are trained professional liars who are not that smart". Easy pickings.

Anonymous said...

a jury of your peers is a joke, been called for jury duty a number of times never selected. The da wants the dumbest most easily swayed individuals who will hang on their every word. You will end up with 12 people who have iq's barely above room temperature! good luck with that! total BS!

Anonymous said...

I wear a Buck 110 in a belt sheath and it's been there for over 50 years, every day. This is the stupidest cop on the planet to do what he did!

So, a homeless guy owns a hatchet to chop his firewood back at camp with. A couple of knives to cut up his food with. Where is he supposed to keep them? Back at camp where someone would likely steal them? Of course not!

I guess the officer would rather have the guy carrying the hatchet and knives unsheathed and out in the open? Why would a panhandler do such an idiot thing when he wants folks to come to him to contribute money? And, wouldn't that be holding them in a "threatening manner" and subject him to arrest?

The cop is the criminal here, NOT the panhandler.