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Friday, September 16, 2016

Server Charged With Felony Theft

OCEAN CITY — An Ocean City restaurant server and Romanian national was charged last week with theft after scheming to steal money from guests through various scams and ultimately her employer.

Last Thursday, an Ocean City police officer responded to the Parched Pelican to investigate a reported theft scheme. The officer met with the restaurant’s general manager, who advised a server identified as Roxana Calugaru, 24, of Ocean City, had been stealing money from customers and the restaurant using several different schemes between July 13 and Aug. 28.

The manager told police he began investigating Calugaru’s activities in the restaurant’s computerized billing system and found that she had been altering the tips on credit card transactions and making unauthorized charges on customer credit cards. The charges Calugaru allegedly made on credit cards were ultimately refunded to the customers’ accounts by the Parched Pelican, making the restaurant the ultimate victim in the alleged scam.

The manager told police each server is required to complete a server report at the end of each shift, which shows the employee’s cash sales and credit card sales. In some cases, the employee owes money to the restaurant because his or her cash sales exceeded credit card tips. In other cases, the restaurant pays money back to the employee because his or her credit card tips exceed cash sales.



Anonymous said...

Learned all of this crime by watching the Clinton's get away with it.

Anonymous said...

These OC workers from ex-Soviet Bloc countries have been known for years as a group of people that are basically honest, but will steal you blind if given the opportunity.
Poor management will give them loads of opportunities.
It seems in this case that the Manager was on top of it - a little late - but still he found it. Good for him.
BTW: Check out this perp's Facebook site. She certainly had a good summer (until now, anyway!)
Tons of photos of her drinkin', partying, going out to dinners at higher end restaurants, and more than a few shopping trips around the area.
She had a better summer than I did - and I work two jobs!

Anonymous said...

She did the same thing last year and they allowed her back in the country to do it again?

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Plus, in this day and age, you can look up all the dirt from anybody's past very easily.
"Oh, you were a thief at your last job? Welcome aboard!"
THAT is poor management.

Anonymous said...

Cash always for me.

Anonymous said...

They need to hire these people because Americans don't want the jobs.