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Thursday, September 01, 2016

The genius of Trump's foreign policy

The Republican Party foreign policy establishment has joined Democrats in roundly criticizing Donald Trump’s background and undiplomatic temperament. Nevertheless, Mr. Trump has laid bare flaws in policies of recent presidents that have undermined U.S. security interests and American prosperity.

For example, President Clinton consented to China’s membership in the World Trade Organization in exchange for an agreement to open its markets to U.S. exports and investment—a promise that is yet to be fulfilled.

Beijing still maintains much higher tariffs on U.S. products than are imposed on Chinese products here, subsidizes manufacturing by rolling over state bank loans to money-losing state enterprises, and suppresses the value of its currency to keep its exports cheap and American-made products expensive in China.


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Anonymous said...

The words "genius" and "Trump" in the same headline! I never thought I would see that.