Thursday, September 01, 2016

Delaware gets federal grant to study mileage tax impact

DOVER — Delaware could soon replace its gasoline tax with a mileage-based levy in which motorists would pay varying amounts depending on how many miles they drive.

The U.S. Department of Transportation said Tuesday that Delaware and four other states have been awarded $1.49 million in federal funds to study the impact of the new method of taxation to pay for infrastructure costs.

The grant, received by the states as part of the I-95 Corridor Coalition, requires them to test 50 vehicles to examine how replacing the state gasoline tax with a user fee — determined by an annual assessment in which motorists are charged based directly on how many miles they drive — would work.

“Finding sustainable revenue to replace stagnant fuel tax receipts is clearly a sensitive topic with the public,” Delaware Department of Transportation Secretary and I-95 Corridor Coalition Chairperson Jennifer Cohan said in a statement.

“That makes this project a fantastic opportunity to foster dialogue about how our transportation system is funded, the need for a reliable revenue source and how citizens benefit from the mobility our region provides.”



Anonymous said...

I told you all this was coming... But I guess I am just another one of those darn pesky conspiracy theorists, who just happens to be right every single time I tell you something bad is coming, but go ahead and laugh it up and ignore the people who tried to warn you, who tried to help you by warning you...

What do you call a conspiracy that is real and truthful??? That is called REALITY you morons!!!!!

Anonymous said...

and to add, this is just another way to take money form you...

Anonymous said...

So you thought you could avoid some of the taxation (gas tax) by purchasing a fuel efficient automobile?

Not anymore! They are going to get your money one way or another.

Anonymous said...

"If you take a walk, they will tax your feet."

- Taxman (Lennon & McCartney)

Anonymous said...

Tax Tax Tax. Need some REAL business managers around these parts. Not yokes who bang on doors, get you to sign their paper to get on a ballot then get voted in, who end up just spend spend SPEND. Then when everything is spent and they need more its TAX breathing, TAX getting your haircut, TAX on cable, TAX TAXTAX TAX TAX.

TRUMP 2016!

Anonymous said...

People are stupid - WE always pay for it, one way or another it comes out of our pocket

Anonymous said...

You keep electing democrats this is what you get!!!
I have not seen one republican candidate on the commercials running for Senate or Governor in Delaware. You get the kind of government you vote for!!!!

Anonymous said...

Worse than that, they won't take the tax out of the price of gasoline!

lmclain said...

So can I now be taxed on how much welfare I use, too? And since I don't use the schools any longer, I don't want to pay for THAT, either.
Will anyone's taxes go down?

If you answered "yes". please go hang yourself --- you are too stupid to live. But, before you go, give us one last resounding cheer!!

Anonymous said...

Technologies are used to enslave people.
It has always been that way.
It will always be that way.

The richest people on the planet always have control of the newest technologies.
They buy information, technique, knowledge, so on.
They use it to control the population.
Present time is no different.
Just better technologies.