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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Retired Green Beret Rages "How Can Hillary Still Be In The Running For President?"

It is literally amazing how an individual so crooked, so duplicitous, and with so many chargeable offenses can actually stay in the running for the presidency of the United States.

Mac Slavo recently penned a piece on the $32-million-dollar donation from the Prince of Bahrain to Hillary Clinton (indirectly), via the Clinton Foundation. The battle for the presidency is won with the bank account, and Clinton is leaving Trump behind in the starting gates. Just in the month of July, Clinton raised $90 million for her campaign.

$90 million.

Now her new television ad campaign, coincidentally, is running her a cool $80 million. She has a virtually unlimited amount of cash to throw into this election, and remember the beauty of it all…anything she takes in at this point, she keeps, whether she wins the election or not, and it’s not taxable income. She’s operating in the green, and it’s all going to be profit at this point.



Steve said...

The 90 million doesn't go to campaign signs, venue rentals, bumper stickers and the like. The $ goes to pay off the pollsters to make it look like it's a close race, and to the press to report the "close" race, keeping her in the "lead". Under the table, the rest of the money is spent on the voting machine hackers who she could not win without them.

That's why there's no Hillary yard signs. She can't afford them, and nobody would stoop to have one in their yard, anyway. Why waste the money and risk the bloggers getting a photo of all the unused signs?

90 million is a great incentive for a hacker to swap the national votes!

Anonymous said...

How is she still running? You're not the only one who asks.

Concerned Retiree said...

I always said this money should be taxable when spent. I have to pay taxes on my retirement as I withdraw it monthly. I also have to pay taxes on my SSI when I get a monthly check. Thanks to Bill Clinton and the DemocRATs. So tell me what is the difference. We pay in before taxes and get screwed on withdrawal. They should have to pay when they use it. They get a benefit from the money for their own usage.