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Thursday, September 01, 2016

A president was born on Wednesday

America, we were introduced to our next president on Wednesday night. He’s not a politician. He is one of a kind. He is an American. Welcome President Donald J. Trump.

I’m a cynical Jewish Ivy Leaguer from New York. Nothing gets me too excited. I don’t believe politicians. Nor do I believe in politicians. I don’t fall for theatrical political productions. I don’t believe rhetoric or propaganda. And I’ve never teared up over a political speech in my life.

Until now. . .

Wednesday night I found myself fist-pumping. I found myself chanting along with the crowd “USA, USA, USA.” And as the procession of mothers and fathers came up to the podium to state the name of their child -- who was murdered by illegal immigrants -- and then say “I’m voting for Trump” or “Trump is our last chance to save America” I found myself tearing up. And the amazing thing is… I couldn't stop. The tears rolled down my face.

This speech in Arizona was the game-changer.

Not just the speech, but the entire day. Trump accepted the invitation to meet with the President of Mexico. He showed he’s a man of action by flying to Mexico on a moment’s notice. Trump stood next to Mexico's president -- looking to all the world like President Donald J. Trump. Trump stated his case and never gave an inch to the president of Mexico. Trump turned a vision -- that was mocked and ripped to shreds for a year now -- into a reality. Who now believes that if Trump is elected a wall won’t be built?

As a conservative, I’ve waited a lifetime for this speech. Why? Because it was a speech that didn’t back down by even one inch. It was a speech aimed at Americans, for Americans, delivered by a proud American, who values American exceptionalism.

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Anonymous said...

I watched the entire speech and was really impressed with how well it was delivered.Donald Trump proved he has what it takes to restore America's glory,he is exactly what this country needs.VOTE THUMP

lmclain said...

That was a speech worthy of Teddy Roosevelt.
Our choice for president?
A criminal, lying, bribe taking, law-evading whore or a real American who will represent AMERICANS, not every loser across the planet from any other country than ours.....

Anonymous said...

If he wants to reach libertards this is the point he needs to make:
In Mexico you cannot own a gun. Because of that only the cartels and the police have guns, and sometimes the line between the two gets blurry. Drugs are coming into the US because of our drug laws. Guns are going back across because of Mexico's gun laws. People are dying on both sides but a secure boarder would end up saving EVEN MORE Mexicans than Americans. It could potentially fix corruption in Mexico's government, it would allow the press to be more open without fear of death and help end the reign of terror the cartels have over the people.