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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Kim Jong-un executes education minister by firing squad for not sitting properly in meeting

Kim Jong-un has executed a senior North Korean official by firing squad because he did not sit properly during a meeting.

Education minister Kim Yong-Jin, 63, was shot dead after his 'bad sitting posture' in parliament incurred the wrath of the North Korean dictator.

The slouching vice premier was interrogated and found to be an 'anti-revolutionary agitator' before his execution in July, a South Korean official said.



Anonymous said...

Bet everybody is sitting right now.

Anonymous said...

He is one crazy person.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine how long a thug would last over there with baggy pants hanging down his butt!

Anonymous said...

Geez what a grouch!! all my mother told me was sit up straight or your turn into a pretzel. but hey that's how the leftist, fascist, Marxist Democrats roll! Don't agree with fascist policy or sit up straight, you take a bullet.

Anonymous said...

And we turn a blind eye to this.
He could easily be overturned. Isn't it time? What is wrong with those sheeple?

Anonymous said...

All my life: "Don't slouch!"
Maybe my Mom thought I'd be joining the Korean Communist Party someday.
Good advice.