Thursday, September 01, 2016

Hillary cartoonist fires back at racism claim

'Gotta be pretty slow news day out there ... that they would try and twist it'

In yet another attempt by the mainstream media to connect Donald J. Trump to “racism,” the Washington Post has attacked a political cartoon published back in April by WND cartoonist Tony “A.F.” Branco.

The April 2016 cartoon in question depicts, as Branco told in an exclusive interview, “Hillary Clinton pandering to the black community for their votes.”

In the cartoon, Hillary Clinton is in blackface, holding a sign reading “#@!* the Police,” wearing a shirt saying “No Hot Sauce, No Peace!” and with the caption, “I ain’t no ways tired of pandering to African-Americans.”

“It should be fairly obvious what I was doing there, with Hillary giving a speech in front of an African-American group back April about always having hot sauce in her purse and she is holding up a ‘F— the Police’ sign in solidarity with Black Lives Matter,” Branco said.



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Anonymous said...

It was sickening to hear Hillary change the way she talked when she talked to a black group.

Anonymous said...

She wants to be the head missus at the plantation mansion. What we want is for her to be gone with the wind.