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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Pat Caddell: Hillary Clinton Tries to Brand Everyone an Extremist

On Tuesday’s edition ofBreitbart News Daily, SiriusXM host Alex Marlow asked veteran pollster and political analyst Pat Caddell about the CNN poll that shows a ten-point swing toward Donald Trump, putting him two points ahead of Hillary Clinton nationwide.

Caddell anticipated “panic” at what Marlow dubbed “Clinton News Network headquarters.”

He noted that polling averages, such as the one maintained by RealClearPolitics, showed Clinton’s lead slipping from an 8-point high to about 2.4, a movement he attributed to fading negative influence from Trump’s “disastrous August post-convention period.”

“All the polls since late last week have shown her lead at two points or less, or Trump ahead, or tied, except for the NBC Monkey poll, which it’s four points in the four-way race,” Caddell observed, coining an amusing nickname for the poll conducted by NBC News and Survey Monkey.


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Anonymous said...

And so does our government now! They have damn near made it so every white person,especially Republican is an extremist! Christ, Nobama ha made it a crime to speak out against the government in a pencil whipping session a couple years ago! I'm all for Trump! Don't get me wrong. But he is super pro rules and pro police! Scares me a bit. But I know he will straighten up our country. We have given up so many of our rights and freedoms already so I can live a couple more years giving up more! A long as Trump is successful in his promises!