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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hillary Clinton's experience handling classified data contradicts 'unsophisticated' excuse

Hillary Clinton wasn’t a newcomer to secret documents when she reached the State Department.

She said she handled classified information as first lady and had regular access to secret documents as a senator, particularly during her six years on the Armed Services Committee — all of which makes Mrs. Clinton’s bungled treatment of the most sensitive information while secretary of state difficult to understand.

“She doesn’t come into this as your average person. She comes in as someone who served on the Armed Services Committee, who has been privy to classified information in the past before she became secretary of state, and, by the way, she was a former first lady,” said Sen. Kelly Ayotte, a New Hampshire Republican who sits on the same committee, and who said she found Mrs. Clinton’s explanation to be incredible.


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Anonymous said...

There's little that's difficult to understand here. Hillary Clinton used her position to garner favor and enrich herself via the Clinton Foundation. She, with forethought, bypassed all established rules for handling classified information, then deleted such information when it suited her personal needs. She has no viable excuse, having been surrounded by those who advised her to follow those rules.