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Thursday, September 08, 2016

City Hall Dome’s Surface Remains A Work In Progress

OCEAN CITY — Despite its current gray and black appearance, the iconic City Hall dome in Ocean City is merely transitioning to its former rich, reddish copper glory and is currently going through its awkward “teenage” years.

Concerns have been raised recently by some in the community about the condition of the City Hall dome, which is currently a dull gray with darker, almost black, colors streaking through. It certainly isn’t aesthetically pleasing, particularly because the building is the seat of municipal government, but like a teenager transitioning from a cute child to an attractive adult, it is expected to eventually blossom into its future self, according to City Engineer Terry McGean.

For years, the City Hall dome was a dark green color and pictures of the facility on the town’s website still show the dome in its familiar green hue. However, several years ago a decision was made to cover the iconic dome in its original leaded copper and its current condition is just a phase in the long aging process that will eventually return it to a rich, reddish-brown copper color familiar several decades ago, McGean said.



Anonymous said...

Let drones facilitate the work.Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Once the patina is in place it'll look great and maintenance of the surface will be next to zero.

Anonymous said...

Lead coated copper won't turn green since it coated in lead!! If it would have been installed with regular bright copper it would fail in 30 to 40 years. Copper isn't what it used to be. It used to last for 75 years or more!!

Steve said...

Helped to install the sprinkler system inside it...