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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Trump: Maybe ICE 'Deportation Task Force' Will Be 'Able To Deport' Hillary

During a speech in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stated that maybe the “deportation task force” he would create to remove “the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in America,” will maybe be able to deport Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump said, “We’re going to triple the number of ICE deportation officers. Within ICE, I am going to create a new special deportation task force, focused on identifying and quickly removing the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants in America, who have evaded justice, just like Hillary Clinton has evaded justice, okay? Maybe they’ll be able to deport her.”



Anonymous said...

How do you deport a United States citizen? Where would you deport them to? The answer is you cannot.

Anonymous said...

He will first strip this person of citizenship, should have been done four decades ago. And then get her to the border and give a swift kick to the fatty area of her backside. There is the answer you require.

Anonymous said...

You are being silly.
A US citizen cannot be deported.
Tried and convicted for crimes, yes.
Imprisoned for felonies, yes.

Anonymous said...

Trump is depending on people like 1:24, who have no clue.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 1:24, just because the human waste of a woman has not been convicted doesn't mean she is not guilty. This fat lady has something come up everyday that is crushed by her administration. You clowns making comments are too stupid to see in front of yourselves. Wake up or live like a slave under the fat lady when she sings.

Anonymous said...

4:11 This fat lady has something come up everyday that is crushed by her administration.

What? Drinking and typing?

Steve said...

Yes, the Donald sometimes speak rhetorically. Jeeze, people, we all know the rules! It's kind like punching Alice "to the moon"! Jackie Gleason, we assumed, could not actually accomplish the feat, but we accepted his intent in a thing called "humor".

Get it? No, You people are lost...