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Thursday, September 08, 2016


Closure and Detour Needed to Expedite Work on MD 54 at Mockingbird Creek near 
Mardela Springs and MD 349 at Windsor Creek in Nanticoke

Beginning mid-September, the Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration (SHA) is going to replace two Wicomico County bridges.  Each project requires a full road closure and detour for approximately 10 weeks.

MD 54 (Delmar Road) over Mockingbird Creek:
The 19-foot timber structure was built in 1940, renovated in 1996 and repaired in 2007.  SHA will replace the wood with a pre-stressed concrete slab that will dramatically reduce maintenance costs, eliminate current weight restrictions and provide a smoother ride and longer-wearing ride surface.

Crews are also constructing new retaining walls, improving drainage, paving the roadways and landscaping the area.  SHA will post two detour routes– passenger cars can use US 50 (Ocean Gateway) and Old Railroad Road; trucks will use US 50 and US 13 (N. Salisbury Boulevard/Ocean Highway).  Nearly 3,000 vehicles travel this part of MD 54 each day.

Built in 1931 with major repairs in the 1970s, this timber bridge is considered structurally deficient and has reached the end of its useful service life.  SHA will install a new 30-foot long pre-stressed concrete slab andnew walls/supporting structure, as well as reconstruct the approach roadway.

SHA will post the detour route for all vehicles to use Oak Grove Church Road and Jesterville Road.  An average of 2,000 vehicles cross this bridge each day, with higher volumes during summer months for recreational travel.

SHA’s contractor for both projects is George & Lynch of Dover, DE.  Construction cost is $2.3 million for MD 54/Mockingbird Creek and $2.7 million for MD 349/Windsor Creek.  Both projects contain incentive/disincentive provisions to expedite reopening of the roadways this fall.


Anonymous said...

Great another Months long detour on Nanticoke Rd.

I live down past Roaring point and while Jesterville Rd is a nice by-pass around Bi-Valve a lot of us avoid it due to the large populations of Deer. With this repair more than likely going into the Deer Rut season I think this will create some very dangerous situations for Nanticoke drivers.

The deer population is already at a high point so this can be somewhat of a dangerous detour.

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY IN HELL that 2000 vehicles a day cross that bridge on 349! I have lived nearby my entire life and can say with certainty that that figure is BS!! 200 vehicles a day would be far more realistic. Either that is a typo or our County/State roads people are full of CRAP! That would be about 85 vehicles an hour, 24 hours a day, and even more during the summer!! No way!

Anonymous said...

Slow down and the deer wont be a problem. You are probably one of those people tailgating and driving 65 mph on 349 everyday.

Anonymous said...

Nope I do 61. Never tailgate. I prefer to pass.

Anonymous said...

Speed limit is 50 mph and you wonder why there are accidents involving deer. I've lived down the road there for 40 years and never hit a deer. If you slow down and pay attention, you will be just fine. Besides, there really isn't anything in Salisbury worth being in a rush for.

Anonymous said...

61 still over the speed limit and you should not pass if you exceed the speed limit in doing so. You are an aggressive driving outlaw. That little bit of extra speed gets you no where quicker.

Anonymous said...

Driving about 10 miles over the speed limit certainly does not constitute aggressive driving. In fact none of the police seem t mind either weather it be State or County. There are plenty others who go well beyond that and are a real risk but crying over someone doing 60 is a bit extreme and really a little nit picky.

Anonymous said...

I'm not complaining, just pointing out to the person whining about deer on the back road detour that going a little slower will lessen the chance of hitting a deer. If it is not a big deal, then why are there points assigned for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph or more?

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just pave over them like Salisbury does??

That will "fix" them!

Anonymous said...

The bridge or the deer?