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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jackie Mason: Did Hillary Clinton Get 'Excellent' Health Letter From a Doctor or a Plumber?

During a radio interview on Sunday, comic legend Jackie Mason sounded off about Hillary Clinton’s health issues, including a letter from the presidential candidate’s personal physician dubbing Clinton in “excellent physical condition.”

Regarding Clinton’s clean bill of health letter, Mason jested:

“Well, the way she lies all the time every time she talks she can’t seem to talk without lying. So if she says she has a letter from a doctor the chances are the letter is from a plumber and probably there was no doctor involved and no doctor ever saw her. She knows other liars but I don’t think she knows any doctors. So if the doctor saw her, he would know that she is not only in bad shape physically but mentally she is in ever worse shape. Anybody who can’t talk without lying shouldn’t see a doctor; she should see a psychiatrist.”


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Anonymous said...

And chances are that the plumber wasn't licensed.