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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Chick-Fil-A Owner Offering Year Of Free Sandwiches For Safe Return Of Giant Inflatable Cow

If you’ve seen a 24-foot inflatable cow somewhere it shouldn’t be, the owner of an Arizona Chick-fil-A would like to make you an offer.

The owner of a Tempe, AZ Chick-fil-A is offering up a year’s worth of free sandwiches — no questions asked — for the safe return of a giant inflatable cow that was stolen Saturday night after a football game where it had made an apperance, reports FOX-10. The cow is a bit of a local celebrity, making regular appearances in Tempe including football games and store grand opening events.

“Saturday night after the ASU football game… we took down our 24-foot inflatable Chick-fil-A cow that says ‘Eat More Chicken’and stowed it my truck for a few hours until we could get over to the storage unit,” the owner told the news station.



Anonymous said...

The cow is now contentedly grazing in a dorm room or college apartment near you.

Anonymous said...

Some frat boys using it as a giant bouncy bed.

Anonymous said...

It would make a tasty meal along with some rubber biscuits.

Gerald said...

Is he referring to Hillary Clinton's absence at news conferences?

She is a cow full of hot air!