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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Companies you've never heard of are making a killing off high drug prices

It's easy to see why EpiPen has become the focus of America's fury over drug prices. It treats potentially deadly allergic reactions — for example, in a child who is stung by a bee — and its price has spiked by over 500% in a few years.

While it's easy to jump all over drugmakers, like EpiPen's maker, Mylan, other actors in the healthcare system ought to draw as much scrutiny.

One group of companies, called pharmaceutical-benefit managers, or PBMs, serve as middlemen, and they touch every part of the purchase of a prescription drug.



Anonymous said...

They should save their advertising money that is being used to recruit more addicts.

Actually, this is one those rare times that the government should step in and ban this type of advertising like they did with cigarettes!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what has been the downward turn in our healthcare, PBM's or Obamacare

Anonymous said...

Most have ties to the Clinton Foundation.