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Saturday, September 03, 2016

BI Documents: Hillary Blamed Her Email Lawbreaking On HER CONCUSSION

The media have spent weeks railing against anyone for asking questions about Hillary Clinton’s obviously questionable health. There’s been rampant speculation about everything from her ability to stand without a stool to her capacity to get into an SUV without an extra step. Her constant absence from the campaign trail and unwillingness to travel to campaign key spots like Louisiana raised serious concerns about whether she is in decent shape. Hillary herself tried to quash these rumors by opening a pre-opened pickle jar onJimmy Kimmel.

But Hillary blamed her own poor health for her consistent and dramatic failures to abide by law and regulation surrounding the treatment of classified information and discoverable documents. According to the FBI:



lmclain said...

Too medically damaged to be a President and have the decision making authority to launch nuclear weapons.
She "can't recall" THAT many things? Thirty eight times she answered the FBI with "I can't recall...."

My senile grandma could remember more than she can. And probably would have been a better President.
Keep cheering this high class whore.

Anonymous said...

She began her lawbreaking BEFORE any injury, duhhhh.

Anonymous said...

This is the grandma that none of your kids want to visit because she's not all there, and the part that is isn't very nice.

Anonymous said...

When we examine patients in the ER with suspected brain injuries we always have them open a pickle jar. For this we charge $180 for the jar, which they or their family can take home with them. They have the option of dill or sweet, whole or sliced.

You might think that this is expensive for a jar of pickles, but our hospital pays the supplier $73.80 per jar.

Anonymous said...

10:02 hit the nail!

She set up her illegal server well in advance of her fall and concussion. Bald-faced liar 24/7.