Saturday, September 03, 2016

Hillary Used Eight BlackBerrys But FBI Couldn't Get Them

Hillary Clinton used at least eight different mobile devices to send private e-mail during her tenure as secretary of state – none of which were recovered by the FBI as part of its investigation into her communications practices as the nation's top diplomat.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, in a heavily redacted summary of its probe released on Friday, said Clinton flouted security standards for official communications by relying on private e-mail for government business.

In addition to the eight devices she used as secretary of state, the FBI said they sought at least five additional mobile devices as part of its inquiry. Clinton's lawyers said they couldn't provide any of the mobile devices she used. One person interviewed by the FBI said he recalled two instances in which Clinton's devices were destroyed by "breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer."

The inability to investigate the missing devices means investigators "could not make a determination as to whether" they were hacked, the FBI said.

In addition, a personal laptop used to archive Clinton's e-mails when she was secretary of state went missing after being put in the mail. While the e-mails were deleted before the computer was sent, the hard drive wasn't permanently wiped clean.



lmclain said...

How much evidence does the target of a criminal investigation get to destroy before being indicted on obstruction of justice, tampering/destroying evidence, hindering an investigation, etc., before there are charges brought?
It depends on whether or not you are a serf or master.

The police in Salisbury (and everywhere else in the country) have charged thousands of people with those crimes for merely standing too close to them or yelling at them, or "refusing to comply".
Rule of law has been openly replaced with the rule of wealth and power.
It killed the Roman Empire. And began the French revolution, too.
And it WILL, sooner or later, force the serfs to react and it won't be with some mean letters to the editor, either.
Cheer while you still can.....

Anonymous said...

If that had been anyone else, black or white, they would have been placed in jail and their hearing would already been over, convicted, and serving time in a federal prison. This lying, cheating stink bug can't recall, and she is trying to steal the presidency.

People better wake up and fast. How do any of us know she can even remember what she is doing on any given day. GOD help this country and all of the citizens if she is elected. The presidency will be run by Huma and Cheryl Mills telling old Hillary what to do next. That should scare everyone senseless.