Saturday, September 03, 2016

FBI Found Extensive Evidence Hillary Emails Violated Federal Records Laws

Though it was not their primary mission, FBI agents who investigated Hillary Clinton's email collected significant evidence suggesting she and her team violated federal record-keeping laws, including persisting to use a private Blackberry and server to conduct State Department business after being warned they posed legal and security risks, government sources tell Circa.The evidence was compelling enough to convince FBI Director James Comey that the Clinton team had not complied with record-keeping laws and to cause at least one witness to raise their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination during an investigative interview, the sources said.

In public, the FBI recommended not filing criminal charges against Clinton on national security grounds. But in private, the Bureau chose to defer to the State Department on whether to recommend anyone to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution on records law violations, the sources said, speaking only on condition of anonymity.

Each email transmission of a government document that was not preserved or turned over to the State Department from Mrs. Clinton's tenure could theoretically be considered a violation of the Federal Records Act, the main law governing preservation of government records and data.

Other federal laws make it a felony to intentionally conceal, remove or destroy federal records as defined under the Act, punishable with a fine and imprisonment of up to three years. A single conviction also carries a devastating impact for anyone looking to work again in government because the law declares that any violator "shall forfeithis office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States."

The FBI "indirectly documented hundreds, and likely thousands, of violations of the Records Act," one source with direct knowledge of the FBI's investigation told Circa.

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Anonymous said...

Duh!!! we already knew that! the problem is when is she going to be arrested

Anonymous said...

Unless the DOJ prosecutes, which we all know they will not, she remains above the law! We now have an elite class of politicians who can just ignore laws, rules and the Constitution with no repercussions similar to the Russians Politburo during the Cold War.

Anonymous said...

"Each email transmission of a government document that was not preserved or turned over to the State Department from Mrs. Clinton's tenure could theoretically be considered a violation of the Federal Records Act..."

Theoretically? No, this is reality. They knew, they did anyway. Each message stands on its own.

lmclain said...

Two Sets of Laws.

In your face and they LAUGH at your "concern".
They laugh even louder at your cheering.
They laugh at your inability to actually do anything about it.
They laugh at your continuing indifference to a criminal and law-evading whore who "can't recall" major events in her tenure as Secretary of State, using claims of "concussion" to weakly defend her crimes, but says she is the best person in the country to be President.
They laugh at your belief that the election won't be fixed (they already know the result), despite PROOF of how easily it's done.
They really get a good laugh at the support you show for this whore who champions "women's rights" and women's "equality, while SHE pays women less than men on her very own staff and takes millions in bribes from people who think setting a woman on fire for going outside without a man, or selling 12 year old girls into sex slavery is perfectly reasonable and backed up by the "religion of peace" tenets.
In a nutshell, they laugh at how utterly stupid, cluelesss and uninformed you are...

lmclain said...

It's a felony to "intentionally conceal, remove, or destroy" federal records.

The FBI has already shown she's done ALL of those things, yet remains a free citizen and RUNS FOR OFFICE (she doesn't forfeit anything).

You and I? We're hoping we can get a pardon in a few years.
Bankrupt and disgraced.


You're a serf. Your cheering would protect you about as much as a piece of notebook paper in a Cat 5 Hurricane.
And STILL you cheer.
It's friggin' unreal.

Zorro said...

you guys do not get it...the mob runs DC...we need a revolution