Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Results Are In

Many have claimed WBOC does this so people can't back out of their reservations in Ocean City, since you need 24 to 48 hours advance notice to cancel. It is peculiar how WBOC was the only station that swore it was NOT going to rain this weekend. 


Anonymous said...

The whipping boys for the NWO, left handed mainstream media can no longer be trusted or depended on to deliver the truth,justice, or support the American way. They are no longer for the little guy since their paychecks depend on putting a jackboot on your face forever.. bye bye WBOC!! Beware advertisers!!

Sorry that was a little harsh for an incompetent weatherman

Barney Rubble said...

Surfing is good today

Anonymous said...

I have spoken with many people about Dan, "the weatherman's", inability to accurately forecast our weather and everyone agrees that Satterfield simply doesn't have "it". They all agreed that he can't be trusted to make accurate forecasts. He has lost the faith of the viewers. I can understand why the weather app they keep touting is free. Why wouldn't it be? Because his forecasts are wrong, why pay for his failures, would you?????

I'm so sick of hearing him say, "it's too hard to call, or we'll keep an eye on it". A true professional would better describe the current and future conditions while alerting the viewers to possible changes. Why keep apologizing by not knowing the prediction? Get your facts and report accurately.

It is painfully obvious that he may know SOME scientific facts, however when it comes to forecasting, he is a fish out of water, a raindrop in a large puddle.

A group of friends have actually started placing bets on accuracy just for the fun of it; best two out of three, how many wrong holiday forecasts etc.

For me and mine, we prefer NOAA alerts, and the pros on the weather channel for accurate reporting.

I feel sorry for Mike because he has real potential and I'm sure he'll move on to much better opportunities. Mike is smart, and he has a friendly, warm manner and can better forecast and explain to the viewers than "Mr. I'm trying to impress you".

Anonymous said...

Swore ? I don't think so!

Anonymous said...

It is not raining in Selbyville.

Anonymous said...

I'm just sayin, it's cloudy and windy, but it's not raining. Even looks like the sun is trying to peak out south of salisbury.

Anonymous said...

Didn't rain at my house.... Or very little anyway

JoeAlbero said...

5:35, It has been raining the entire day today here in Ocean City. Salisbury is NOT the only community on the Shore and Salisbury does not bring in millions of dollars in hotel/motel fees for the holiday weekend.

The tide at midnight tonight as well as high tide tomorrow will be damaging to say the least. The tide is already high as it is but by midnight they'll be evacuating parts of Ocean City over the next two days.

Satterfield has been doing this long enough to know this storm was coming and he claimed there'd be NO RAIN for four days while the children at WMDT got it right. How embarrassing do you think that is!

So try to protect him all you like, WBOC has an ulterior motive.

Anonymous said...

I agree Joe if you think back to past events that were held in Ocean city like bike week for one they always call for nice weather and it seems to always rain on them!! I understand it's a science but come on guys, it's not like once in a blue moon he's wrong... he gets it wrong with rain storms, snow it's an ongoing problem. I say this as a carpenters wife too we need to know about rain and weather conditions so we can plan our work week out.