Saturday, September 03, 2016

Chris Wallace, Anderson Cooper among presidential debate moderators

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the moderators of the three presidential debates Friday, along with details about what formats those debates would include.

Lester Holt of NBC News is slated to moderate the first debate on Sept. 26, followed by Martha Raddatz of ABC News and Anderson Cooper of CNN as moderators of the second, town-hall-style debate on Oct. 9.

Chris Wallace of Fox News will moderate the third presidential debate on Oct. 19.

Elaine Quijano of CBS will moderate the lone vice-presidential debate on Oct. 4.



Anonymous said...

Looks like a raw deal and set up for Trump. I can see it now, Trump will be attacked with hard ball questions and Hilary will get questions like, what do you plan to wear on election night, or how does if feel to be the first woman president? I think to be fair, Matt Drudge should be one of the moderators.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't they on the stage together?

Anonymous said...

I will not watch it but I will vote trump