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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Worcester NAACP holds meeting with police

How to establish positive and peaceful interactions with law enforcement, in light of the continuing onslaught of deadly encounters between police and African-Americans, was the primary focus of a Worcester County NAACP Town Hall meeting and panel discussion at the Germantown School Community Center in Berlin last Thursday.

On the panel were Ocean City Police Chief Ross Buzzuro, Berlin Police Chief Arnold Downing, Worcester Sheriff Lt. Andy McGee, Worcester Sheriff Reggie Mason, Worcester Sheriff Corporal Dale Trotter, Pocomoke Police Chief Bill Harden and Maryland State Police Commander Earl Starner.

Dr. Roxie Davis, former Worcester County NAACP president, questioned if, and how, officers are given regular reminders to be equitable in their treatment of minority community members.

Constant reinforcement is crucial, Buzzuro said.



Anonymous said...

“Just because I have dreadlocks, or my pants are hanging, I could have a PhD, “ he said. “ We need to be educated too. The way we do that is through training and keeping it real.”

Keeping what real? PhD? Whatever.

You are educated, you likely get more services (public education)than most simple because of the color of your skin. You want to be treated equal, than start acting like it. Stop segregating just about everything you do. Enough with the separate stores, colleges, tv stations etc.

Regularly reminding our police offices to " to be equitable in their treatment of minority community members"...seriously? Give me a damn break!

Maybe the NAACP need to take a good hard look at the communities they serve. Take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others because you do not have whatever and that is why you "try to keep it real".

Sick of this minority crap. We are all Americans.

And just what is Dr Roxie Davis' PhD in?

lmclain said...

What would help the police more than anything would be some "constant reinforcement" of morals and values by the mothers who are so concerned about their children.

Anonymous said...

The african american need to only have children they can afford to raise them selves rather than expecting others to be burdened with the cost. And yes, this goes for other races too.