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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sign the Taxpayer Demand Petition Below!

Dear Friend:

Marilyn Mosby’s prosecutorial misconduct has embarrassed the City of Baltimore across the United States of America.

She seized a political opportunity and in the process has destroyed the lives of six good police officers, wasted thousands of taxpayer dollars on a case that never should have been filed, and it has divided our city.

Marilyn Mosby should immediately apologize for her conduct, drop the remaining charges against these fine officers and resign her political office.

I do not believe that citizens and taxpayers should remain silent on this issue and allow this injustice to continue. I invite you to sign the taxpayer demand of Marilyn Mosby.


Anonymous said...

Actually, most Baltimore City "residents" don't pay any taxes.

Anonymous said...

Mosby is a disgrace to the judicial system and should be disbarred and reprimanded (at least) for her prejudicial and inciteful remarks.

Anonymous said...

She won't apologize. She has gone on to continue with her lies. She is the one Mary Ashanti is proud of and said so on Mosby's FB. Not that it should surprise anyone that Ashanti would be proud of a liar. Ashanti's own family has thugs in it. Like that should surprise anyone either.