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Saturday, July 30, 2016

92K Sign Petition in Support of Air Force Veteran Forced Out of Flag-Folding Ceremony for Mentioning God



Anonymous said...

Obama has instilled our military to do the wrong thing , he has put the muslims at the top of the military in rank. So sad but so true.

Anonymous said...

WTH....who gave the order to these uniformed personnel for this task. And who ordered that person, etc., etc., until the original turd is found. Needs a good ole beating. I know it starts at the top, but the king can't be touched like the candidate. That has been proven over and over. Very sad story.

Anonymous said...

This was not a military decision, unless you count our Commander In Chief as actually being a part of the military. I feel sorry for all involved, including the C.O. of the post who was forced to do this under order.