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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Ocean City spends $477K for custom trash trucks

Ocean City has settled on an offer for custom-built trash trucks, and while it’s slightly above what officials hoped for, it’s not an unmanageable price.

During Tuesday’s work session, the City Council unanimously awarded the bid to two separate contractors to build front- and side-load refuse street trucks for $236,391 and $240,980, respectively.

Both totals edged over the $230,000 per truck that was set aside by the council back during April’s budget conversations.

But Procurement Manager Catrice Parsons told the council that the vehicle trust fund had the room.

“The vehicle trust fund as a whole is $8,300 to the good, and that does not include sales from large equipment we still have to process, and the purchase of the bucket truck, which was partially funded.”


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Anonymous said...

These are custom trash trucks , hope they are designed to pick up trash such as the BLM people. That would be wishful thinking .