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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Why Does the European Union Insist On 'Free Movement'?

In his Bloomberg News column lamenting British voters' decision to leave the European Union and speculating on whether it could be reversed, British-born Clive Crook also (and more interestingly) challenged German Chancellor Angela Merkel's insistence that the "four freedoms" proclaimed by the European Union, including freedom of movement from country to county, are indivisible. "The price of access to the single market means freedom of movement," Merkel said.

Nonsense, Crook replies. "This position makes no substantive sense. The indivisibility of the four freedoms is a mere assertion — a preference, not a requirement of fairness or logic."

It's a point I hadn't thought of and it's indisputably true: you can rip down tariffs and trade barriers and still not allow foreigners to immigrate into your country. This is basically what the United States did in the 20 years after World War II.

So where does "freedom of movement" come from?

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Anonymous said...

It's obvious that most ladies in the political arena have way too much sympathy for the most part. I don't believe they can be good leaders , if you look at our country we have had some of the most screwed up ladies in power.
Just think about Hillary , we are in a mess of trouble , what can we do?

Anonymous said...

It's in the name: European UNION. As a union, they insist on "free movement" just like we have in the UNITED States. What if the states sealed off and blocked their borders from the other states? Without "free movement" in the EU, there is no Union. Without "free movement in the US, we are not a UNITED States of America.