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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Desperate Dems Wheel Out 'Trust Hillary' Campaign

Because not even her own supporters trust her.

While Hillary Clinton spent 4 hours in the FBI’s company this weekend, Democrats set about one of the most difficult tasks they could possibly engage in, to convince the general public that Hillary is in any way honest and trustworthy.

The ‘trust Hillary’ talking point has begin to be heavily injected into public appearances and media outings by Democrats, presumably at the behest of party leaders who know that the American people, and even Hillary’s most staunch supporters, know she has built a career on deceit.

Sen. Sherrod Brown and Labor Secretary Tom Perez, both in the running as potential VP picks, appeared on Sunday news shows and made efforts to convince viewers that Hillary is honest.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You can't trust any Democrat!
Let's face the truth, the Democrat party is a catch all of low life scum bags, druggies and criminals with no morality.

Anonymous said...

And they look like fools. Everyone but the liberal anti-Americans are laughing at them.

Anonymous said...

She'll say the FBI questioned her about her grandchildren. Sounds logical.