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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

NYT: Hillary Clinton 'May Decide' to Keep Loretta Lynch as Attorney General

Patrick Healy of the NYT pens an 1,800-word slobber job on Hillary Clinton: in her first 100 days, she’ll appoint a historically diverse Cabinet, work with Republicans on “broadly popular issues,” and — psst! — probably decline to replace Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who just happened to speak privately with her husband Bill last week.
Far-left Salon alumnus David Sirota puts this development in context:

Team Clinton suggest it will offer AG Lynch a job in the new admin, as Lynch’s DoJ investigates Clinton 



Anonymous said...

Who doesn't know that's what slick willie and Lynch met about in secret on the plane, not grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

She is doing everything she can to protect the next POTUS.
Of course, she is hoping to "keep her job".