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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Obama: Freedom Doesn’t Just Happen, Must Be Defended Daily

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama, marking his final Fourth of July in the White House, said freedom isn’t something that “just happens” but must be defended every single day.

Obama said it’s important that people remember what “a miracle” the U.S. is and how “incredibly lucky we are that people generations ago were willing to take up arms and fight for our freedom.”

“Independence is not something that just happens,” he said during brief remarks to several hundred people in the White House East Room after rain forced cancellation for the second straight year of an annual barbecue on the South Lawn for some 5,000 military service members, veterans and their families.

“It’s something that we have to fight for every single day,” Obama said. “It’s something that we have to nurture and we have to spread the word and we have to work on.”



Anonymous said...

Freedom ain't free!


Freedom is a gift from our Creator. The government does not bestow freedom upon people.

Governments are in the business of removing our God given freedoms.

Anonymous said...

Freedom comes from God.
It really is free, hence the first 4 letters of the word FREEDOM.
Totally free.

You have freedom of speech because you were born with vocal chords.
Not because some government employees gave it to you.

Anonymous said...

He's a ... liar. I won't ask you to print the kind of liar he is but you all understand.

The rights we have are gifts from the Almighty. Most other countries enjoy just a smattering of His gifts, and would eagerly embrace what we enjoy.

He's an evil man who is at odds with with Almighty's plan.